The Art and Science of Strategy



From strategy development and strategic planning to plan execution, Strategy Partners provides the tools, expertise, and project skills to fully support your strategic challenges.

Strategy Partners utilizes the art and science of strategy to improve organizational success. Our goal is to optimize your competitiveness while minimizing the obstacles to effective execution. We do this in the following ways:

  • Through Strategy Development. Are you clear about your competitive strategy? Are you managing your strategy effectively? Are you evolving your strategy in response to changing market conditions and customer needs?

We’ll help you answer yes to all of the above. We’ll work with you to implement a creative process that combines key information about your customers, markets and competitors with your intuitive understanding of the business. We’ll use this process to improve your creative thinking skills in order to better leverage evolving strategic opportunities and quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Through Strategic Planning. Do you have a clear and understandable strategic plan? Is your plan focused, culturally compatible and executable? Are you passionate about your direction and committed to the actions and efforts necessary to obtain results?

We’ll work with you to develop a strategic plan that is straightforward, comprehensive and effective. We’ll assist you with plan development, plan management and plan control. And we’ll show you how to create a clear plan that’s free of jargon and fluff. Like you, we expect the plan to produce results, not paper.

  • Through Plan Execution. Do you have the organizational support and discipline to execute your plan? Do you have the right people, systems and resources available? Are you able to manage the broad vision and the underlying detail simultaneously?

Turning your plan into a living, operational process is what we do best. We’ll help you develop the people, systems and project management skills needed to implement your plan successfully. We provide leadership and management development resources where needed, coaching if appropriate and, perhaps most important, expert coordination of your strategy development and execution process in real time.